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Surprising Reasons a Lifeguard May Not Be Able to Always See Your Child

Please learn more about the Safety Campaign launched by The Pool Management Group and its 16 partner companies nationwide.… Learn more »

VGB Drain Covers due to be Replaced

Many drain covers and other suction outlet covers will need to be replaced before pools open in 2014 to remain in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.… Learn more »

ADA for Swimming Pools Now in Effect

Some pools are required to comply with ADA and many pools are not. We sort through the confusion to answer your questions.… Learn more »

Pool Safety

Risk Management

Don’t Hold Your Breath! Understanding the menace of Shallow Water Blackouts

More and more is being learned today about the dangers of shallow-water blackout but the problem is still not widely recognized or dealt with proactively.… Learn more »

Pool Operations

Liability Insurance for Swimming Pools Explained

Lawsuits resulting from swimming pool incidents have judgments that have included $16 million, $14 million and $8 million. In a Good Morning America report on ABC, industry experts estimated that as many as 500 people drown each year in lifeguarded pools.… Learn more »

Pool Safety

Risk Management

3 meter Diving Board Dangers

Old fashioned 3 meter diving stands pose a serious danger to children… Learn more »

Pool Safety

Risk Management

Go beyond the Virginia Graeme Baker Act

The Virginia Graeme Baker Act still allows for single main drains in commercial swimming pools and spas, which can lead to serious injury. Our opinion is that the best and safest solution is properly sized and installed multiple main drains, and that single main drain configurations, even with a secondary anti-entrapment system, continue to present risk.… Learn more »

Body on the Bottom

Research shows that as a pool surface becomes increasingly agitated, submerged bodies disappear from view. Sunlight, shadows, surface reflection and glare only serve to compound the problem. … Learn more »

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  • Avoid the Drowning D’s

    Dr. Tom Griffiths explains the Drowning D's to parents. Parents, learn how to protect your child and prevent a drowning. Dr. Griffiths is an internationally renowned aquatic safety expert....

  • ADA Compliance Now In Effect - We’re Here to Clarify

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance provisions affecting swimming pools are now in effect. All public swimming facilities are required to be compliant as of January 31, 2013 or the first day of pool operations....